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A Letter From The UK’s Leading Digital Marketing Consultancy:

From The Laptop of Niall Rhys Watts,
Sukuta, East Gambia,
22 Degrees C, 22:48

Dear Business Builder,

Have you ever considered how some businesses boom and some slump?

And have you wondered where to position your wealth and time for maximum returns?

Have you wondered how you can protect yourself and your business from changes in the World that disrupt entire continents and destroy whole industries?

The world of business is extremely simple and easy but most people have everything the wrong way round.

If you change the way you look at business and organize yourself, don’t be surprised if you see massive changes in your wealth and influence in a short period of time.

All business owners and builders need to learn these 3 Essential Principles that if they don’t incorporate in their business will very likely lead to their failure – and if they do incorporate them, maybe a means of them becoming the industry leader in any industry within a few short years.

Put Providing Value First

What goes around comes around.

If you provide more value than anyone else in your industry, you will very likely soon be given more wealth than anyone in your industry.

To do the above you will have to be Sincere and Patient, and if you only did this it would set you apart from most other people!

To provide as much value as possible, ask yourself:

“What Problem Am I Solving?”

If you are ready to start providing value, answer this very simple question: *”What problem am I trying to solve?”*

For example, at UPCEND, our aim is to try and direct our clients to seeking the greatest profit possible for their wealth.

Now you have your answer, write it down.

Finally, let’s proceed to:

Leverage Up

Now you know where you want to go, it’s time to use the best, highest leverage tools in the World to go there.

This will likely mean putting out advertisements to meet people looking for your product and service when they want it most.

Send them to a carefully crafted Landing Page where you begin to bring them into a World of Free Value, provided using (overwhelmingly free) A.I. Technology.

If you set this up correctly, people may begin competing for your time and ability, to the point of giving you large amounts of their wealth for a finite amount of your effort.

We at UPCEND have built entire marketing campaigns upon the above 3 Principles and seen over 10x Profit Returns on Investment and even 5x Return on Investment in the first 22 days alone.

Isn’t This Too Good To Be True?

Absolutely not.

Using a sincere, principles-based approach in directing our clients, we have time and again positioned their wealth in ways that were granted returns perhaps considered impossible by those not in the know.

Case Study 1: EA Perfumes

10x Return on Investment.

See actual screenshots of our Google Ad Account and Internal Spreadsheets to see the breakdown:

EA Perfumes Google Ads - UPCEND - UK's Digital Marketing Consultants
EA Perfumes Spreadsheet - UPCEND - UK's Digital Marketing Agency


(Not Just Revenue!)

As our goal at UPCEND is to guide our associates to Maximum Profit, let us save you from Digital Marketing Agencies trying to bamboozle you with figures like Revenue, Impression Share, CTR, etc.

Our job is to maximize your Profit, so all our Return on Investment figures are based solely on Profit.

No more hiding behind inflated Revenue Figures or having to figure out what is actually coming in. All UPCEND Figures are in Cold, Hard Profit.

EA Perfumes Invested £231 for the first month of ads before very shortly after breaking even (and then some); we reinvested some of the profit thereafter every month.

As of February 2021 they were at a roughly 10x ROI in Profit (Not Just Revenue!)

I Personally Challenge You To Find One Other Wealth Manager Who Can Document Those Sorts of Returns!

UPDATE: As of 30th August 2021, current profit is calculated at around £4,400, and ROI on Initial Investment at around 19x!

For some extra proof, you might even Google these businesses to see the exact webpages and sales funnels/ads we are using right now.

Or just look here at the Landing Page streamed live:

Simple right, – what’s the secret?

The secret, or at least what most people are missing out on, is to take a big picture, holistic view of business and consider the most important variables first.

Most people think that you need expensive fancy technology and staggeringly beautiful websites to do well online. Then they are distracted by the sea of numbers and forget profit!

Most people are wrong!

Case Study 2: Sutton Slate Housing

5x Return on Investment in The First 22 Days Alone.

Sutton Slate Housing were granted a 5x Profit/Return On Investment in The First 22 Days of Ads Alone.

Sutton Slate Google Ads - UPCEND - UK's Digital Marketing Agency
Sutton Slate Spreadsheet - UPCEND - UK's Digital Marketing Agency (2)

They were actually granted something extra which you might not see here either, as we were using a stock nature video on their Landing Page while waiting for footage of one of their houses.

They were still granted a 5x ROI, and yes, we still have the nature video there!

Something else worth mentioning, is that other than basic Web Hosting (but we already have that, so Free For You!), the above Sales Funnels including A.I. sequences might be built completely using Free Technology (so hopefully more money for Ads!)

Hopefully, we are beginning to see that a Simple, Principles-Based, Value Focused Marketing Campaign is better than just dropping loads of money on a website that most people will leave after a few seconds!

Yes, the form below has come via a Free Trial of Email Marketing software,

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At UPCEND, we put the money where our mouth is, working on a Commission-Only Basis for our select clients.

Meaning, either you Win or you don’t pay us a penny.

Most Digital Marketing Agencies out there lack the Patience, Sincerity and Transparency to provide the best value for you and your business.

Want something to test people with? Ask whether they will work with you on a Commission on Profit Only Basis.

As For UPCEND, that’s the only service we offer.

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Our History

UPCEND started by way of a business venture between Multinational Holding Firm European Arabian and another Private Organization.

After running a number of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns, we now provide information and consultancy online for the first time, revealing the truth about Online Marketing.

Using Advanced Online Marketing Techniques and Financial Leverage we are hoping to help improve Online Marketing Services.

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Special Bonus!

Okay, so you made it this far!

Since you made it here, you might be the sort of person who would like to talk to us in person – though I am in Gambia at the moment, so maybe via Zoom instead!
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Yes, like our A.I. Digital Marketing Calculator, Consulting Calls are completely Free and with no obligation (Provide Value First, remember!), though the number of weekly slots are limited.

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Thanks for reading and take care,



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